Mobile App - FAQ

On the bus or in the checkout line, manage your money on the move.  With our mobile banking app, you can check your balance in an instant, pay bills and transfer money. 


  • Log in with the same Member Number and Personal Access Code you use for online banking. 


  • Check account balances and activity
  • Pay bills
  • Schedule payments
  • Make transfers
  • Deposit Cheques
  • Find branches/ATMs
  • Security

Our mobile banking app is as secure as online banking.  Your PAC prevents unauthorized access and 128-bit SSL encryption protects your data.

Mobile App Frequently Asked Questions

1. Do I have to pay anything?
Absolutely not.  The NSCU Mobile App is free for our members to download.  However, since the mobile app uses data your carrier may charge, so standard data and messaging rates may apply. 

2. Are there any operating system requirements?

Yes, in order to access the NSCU Mobile App you need to ensure your device is running on iOS 4.0 or higher.  If your not sure which iOS your are running just follow these steps to find out. 

Tap "Setting"
Tap "General"
Tap "About"
Scroll down the screen.  Your iPhone version will be listed to the right of "Version"


Yes, in order to access the NSCU Mobile App you need to ensure your device is running 2.3.3 to 2.3.7 and 4.0 and higher. 

If you don't know which OS you are running just follow theses steps to find out:

Tap "Settings"
Tap "About Phone"
your Android version will be listed here

3. How do I download the new NSCU Mobile App on my iPhone?
Downloading the new NSCU Mobile App is easy.  Just follow these six steps:

Open the Apple App Store on you iPhone and search for NSCU Mobile.
Next, verify that the author of the app is North Sydney Credit Union, by scrolling to the bottom of the info screen and checking the company information. 

Review the information and click on the "Free" icon at the top.

When the icon changes to "Install" click on it again.

When prompted, enter your App Store credentials.
The app will download and install onto your device.

4. What is my Nickname?
If you would like to remember your membership details on this device, you can give them a memorable name; for example, Dave's Account or Main Account.  If you are using this device to access more than one membership, give each login a distinct name.

5. What is Remember Login?
Using the Remember Login option, you can choose to save your membership number on this device.  Your membership number is not the same as your Personal Access Code (PAC) and cannot be used to securely log on.  If this is a shared device, select OFF as your preference. 

6. What is a PAC?
A PAC is your Personal Access Code, which is used to verify your identity in order to securely log in to online banking.  If you do not have a PAC or have misplaced it, please contact us 902-794-2535

7. What is QuickView?
Enabling the QuickView feature allows you to display your account balances on the application home screen.  when you are logged out, your balances will be viewable when you open the application.  Tap the arrow to view the balances of your other accounts.  Go to Settings to manage your preferences for the QuickView feature. 

8. Can I turn off QuickView?
If your phone has been lost, stolen or you have replaced it with a new device, you can deactivate the QuickView feature in your online banking on our full site, under Account Services and Mobile Banking App.  Once you have deactivated it, the device will no longer display your balances on screen unless logged on.  We suggest you deactivate the feature on your old phone before activating it on a new device. 

9. Will the mobile app work if I have a joint account?
Yes.  Just enter your account details as you normally would.

10. I don't see my Personal Access Image and Phrase when logging in.  Is something wrong?
No. Because you can download the app directly from the Apple Store, the authenticity of the application has been verified by Apple.  Since you don't need to worry about the authenticity of the app, we have removed the personal access image and phrase to make your experience quicker and easier.

11. How do I remove the NSCU Mobile App from my phone?
Simply highlight and hold down the NSCU Mobile App icon on your screen.  An "X" will appear on the upper-right corner of the icon.  Touch the "X" and the app will be deleted from your iPhone.  Then, click on the Home button to stop the icons on the screen from shaking. 

12. Will the NSCU Mobile App functionality be available to retail and business members who require dual signatures for transactions?
Yes; however, some restrictions will apply, as they do in online banking.  Inter-member transfer and bill payments will be restricted. 

13. My phone has been lost or stolen.  Is my banking information at risk?
If your phone should ever go missing, only the QuickView account balances can be viewed if you have activated this feature.  Other transactions on your account can only be accessed if someone knows your Personal Access Code (PAC).  Contact your mobile carrier to have your phone deactivated.  And, if you're concerned about your personal access code for online banking being at risk, contact your credit union to have it changed. 

Download the NSCU Mobile App now!

Privacy and Legal
Your privacy and security is our priority, which is why our mobile banking app uses the same level of security as our full online banking website.  Your PAC prevents unauthorized access and we advise that you do not save your secure passcode details anywhere on your device.  The use of the mobile banking app is subject to the privacy and legal terms and conditions that can be found on our main website.