Major Purchases

Buying Your Home

Whether to buy a home is a huge personal and financial decision. Let North Sydney Credit Union welcome you to our neighbourhood with some friendly advice.

There's a lot to consider before making a decision on which home is right for you. Here are some of the personal and financial things to think about.

Refinancing Your Mortgage

Need some extra cash, or just want to lower your monthly mortgage payments? Let North Sydney Credit Union help you refinance your home.

Selling Your Home

Your home is a major part of your life, and selling it can be a difficult and daunting process. North Sydney Credit Union can help you with the details.


Fixing up your home? Whether it's a Sunday afternoon job or a complete summer renovation, North Sydney Credit Union can lend a hand.

Buying a Car

North Sydney Credit Union knows that cars have personalities like people; there are many factors in making the decision to get behind the wheel of a new one.

Buying a Vacation

Everyone deserves a break from their everyday scenery. North Sydney Credit Union has some ideas on how you can plan and enjoy a trip that meets your budget.

Other Major Purchases

From new home furnishings to an entertainment centre or new computer, North Sydney Credit Union wants to help you find the small luxuries that can make your life more comfortable.