Accepting Credit Card Donations

Supporting Your Cause

You need the support of your community to start up a new non-profit organization and to keep that operation going. Whether you're a small local project or a huge, national non-profit, the support of people who want to help you is essential. Make it easy for your supporters to help you financially by getting a merchant credit card account.

How to Register

Talk to the financial institution that handles all of your non-profit organizations' funds and ask them about setting up a merchant credit card account. If they can't help you themselves, they will be able to guide you to an institution that can.

The Benefits

Once you have registered, you'll be able to receive charitable donations via credit card. This makes it easier for people who believe in what you're doing to contribute financially.

This is especially beneficial if you're operating on the internet. You can receive credit card donations on your own website, or use one of the many sites already in existence designed to make the transaction between non-profits and the public as simple as possible. Web providers can guarantee you secure credit card transactions so your potential contributors won't have to worry about their donations falling into the wrong hands.

Getting a merchant credit card account will make it easier for potential contributors to back you financially. It can really help your non-profit organization get the funding that it needs to achieve its goals.