The CUMIS Insurance Travel Program

Picture yourself in a sunny destination sitting by the pool watching your family swimming and having fun, then all of the sudden, it happens, what you dreaded most- one of your children is hurt and needs medical attention. The problem; you are a long way from home and you didn’t buy travel insurance.

Stories like this happen all around the world, everyday costing thousands of dollars and cutting vacations short. Protect yourself with the CUMIS Insurance Travel Program.

Whether you are still in school, well into retirement, a world traveller or off on a quick weekend escape, there is no reason to take a break from coverage.

Relax. You’re covered. The CUMIS Insurance Travel Program offers you:


With the CUMIS Insurance travel program you can enjoy your vacation without worrying about medical bills or the cost of an interrupted trip. Up to $5 million in out-of-province coverage for emergency hospital and doctor visits.

Affordable Coverage

The most unique feature about the CUMIS Insurance Travel Program is the way our rates are calculated.  Your rate is based on where you plan to travel, the duration of your trip and your age, some plans as low as $2 a day. You pay according to your destination, whether you are traveling for business, pleasure or studies. And you can begin coverage as soon as you need it – even today.

Additional Benefits:

Comprehensive Medical Support. 24/7 access to emergency assistance, anywhere in the world from a multi-lingual staff

Excellent Benefits like transportation home when medically required, emergency dental coverage, access to a medical professional who can coordinate your medical care

Expansive Coordination of benefits with Government Health insurance plans and other insurance providers

The CUMIS Insurance Travel Program is underwritten by Co-operators Life Insurance Company and administered by TIC Travel Insurance Coordinators Ltd., a leading travel insurance provider. With on-staff physicians and a team of multi-lingual claims professionals, TIC takes pride in providing superb member service when you need it most. Trust us, wherever you go.


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