YOUR HISA - High Interest Savings Account

A YOUR High Interest Savings Account (HISA), is a savings vehicle that inspires saving by offering a preferential interest rate on savings, while allowing 24/7 access to funds.

Members can transfer from their HISA to another of their own accounts via MemberDirect Online Banking, TeleService Telephone Banking free of charge.  A per item charge applies to other transfers and withdrawals.

If you speak to any financial planner, they will likely agree that having money in savings is a good idea.  It is smart to have a little money tucked away in case of emergency, to take care of unanticipated expenses, in case of sickness or job loss, or just to treat yourself from time to time.

YOUR High Interest Savings Account is a great product to help you build up your savings.  With a great interest rate, you can watch your savings grow.

Minimum deposit of $5000.00, in the High Interest Savings Account, is required to earn interest. 

*NS Credit Union Deposit Insurance Corporation protects deposits up to $250,000.00 each